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Learn more about what makes our technology so special and our vision and strategy to bring it to the world.


Dig into the nuts and bolts of the architecture behind Beyond Protocol

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Beyond Protocol—The Genesis

Read about Beyond Protocol’s founding story

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Beyond Protocol’s Secret Sauce

Discover Beyond Protocol’s guiding philosophy, what it has achieved to-date, and where it is headed

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Tech Article: Physical Unclonable Functions

Learn how Beyond Protocol utilizes PUF to securely identify devices

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Tech Article: The Future of EV Is Blockchain

Discover how Beyond Protocol allows electric vehicles, charging stations, energy providers, decentralized applications, and smart contracts to work together in unison.

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Connecting Lite Clients to Blockchain

Delve into how Beyond Protocol allows devices which cannot connect to the internet identify, authenticate, and communicate

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Harvard in Tech - Beyond Protocol: How Blockchain Goes from Theory to Execution

In a lecture to Harvard in Tech, Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Manzi provides insight into how technological hypotheses in the highly interdisciplinary blockchain industry can "cross the chasm" to adoption.

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Technical Solutions Presentation

Learn more about Beyond Protocol’s architecture and how enables IoT devices to communicate securely cross-silo

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Connected Athlete with Rob Gronkowski

With Rob Gronkowski, Beyond Protocol launches Connected Athlete, which represents the first time blockchain has been used to secure PHI (Patient Health Information).

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Beyond Protocol Selected to Power European Union Commission Initiative

Learn more about how Beyond Protocol enables the micro-mobility use case and is currently being utilized to power EV infrastructure globally.

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With Stripe Beyond Protocol Unveils EV Charging Infrastructure

Beyond Protocol debuts the world’s first blockchain-powered EV charging infrastructure. No need to download multiple apps and fumble around while trying to configure them.

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Tech Overview by CEO

Beyond Protocol CEO Jonathan Manzi provides an overview of Beyond Protocol's breakthrough secure ledger technology and discusses an upcoming use case launch.

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