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Beyond Protocol Logo

The Network

Beyond Protocol is an elegant blockchain designed for developers to build applications on top of with ease. Beyond Protocol is rapidly expanding its network of connected IoT devices to multiple industries, allowing us to build immediate solutions to mission-critical problems and reimagine what’s possible in the not-so-distant future.

Electric Vehicles

It is expected that there will be 230 million vehicles by 2030. Beyond Protocol is integrating EVs and EV infrastructure in a decentralized network, enabling them to self-charge, negotiate price, and settle transactions.

The pilot deployment integrates the Beyond Protocol Wallet (BPW) into EVs and EV charging stations. The electric car connects over a secure protocol to a Beyond Protocol-powered charging station which identifies the vehicle, authenticates it, and transacts based on contract specifications. The electric vehicle and the charging station execute an autonomous decentralized machine-to-machine transaction. The network protocol of choice is Bluetooth, and the application layer is secured and executed on the Beyond Protocol client. The client protocol verifies transaction headers by retrieving a chain of headers, commits, and validator sets from a trusted height to the target height, verifying the signatures of each of these intermediary-signed headers until it reaches the target height.

Utilizing Beyond Protocol, the electric vehicles can charge and transact autonomously on all EV charging stations that are either powered by Beyond Protocol, or have integrated the Beyond Protocol Wallet. Beyond Protocol is expanding its network to a number of established EV networks to support the next generation of autonomous electric vehicles.


In partnership with Rob Gronkowski and DoorDash, Beyond Protocol facilitated the first transaction of PHI (patient health information) on the blockchain.


In November 2021, Beyond Protocol powered an European Union Commission mobility initiative, which includes the deployment of e-bike infrastructure in the facilities where EU officials meet.

Wearable Technology

In partnership with Vanderbilt University and Cage the Elephant, Beyond Protocol powers biometric wearable technology to measure brain waves of performers to support mental health

Immersive NFTs

In partnership with Beckett Media Group, Beyond Protocol powers the first connected NFT


In partnership with Cisco and Heads and Tails, Inc, Beyond Protocol powers the metaverse at Field of Dreams

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