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Begin Developing Secure IoT Solutions with Beyond Protocol

Blockchain + IoT = The Fabric of The New World

When distributed ledger architecture is applied to the Internet of Things, the rules change.

No More Hacks.

With security as a given, we can open up our devices for collaboration. Using them like threads of yarn, the dreamers among us can weave together inventions we never would have thought to conceive.

Chip Dna

Distributed Ledger Technology + PUF

In a distributed ledger framework, a set of devices needs to reach consensus for a change of state to occur. Due to the inherent atomic randomness of silicon, a device's chips endow it with unique fingerprints. These fingerprints are used to create a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF). By having a material segment of devices sign off on a proposed change of state for a single device using their fingerprints, the potential for an undesired change of state -- a hack or hijack -- to occur would be statistically insignificant.

New Marketplace

Distributed Ledger-Based Value Transfer as the Business Model For IoT

Beyond Protocol is embedded into the chip execution code, enabling not only security by verifying and signing transactions, but an automated transaction state engine inside a trusted ledger. Beyond enables a new marketplace for developers and device manufacturers where they can define value transfer parameters with the trust of blockchain-based trusted ledger technology enabling a new economic model for loT devices.

Beyond Protocol is a blockchain centric, universal protocol enabling devices to communicate and exchange value in a trusted network.






Digital Wallet

Consistent Hashing

Smart Contract

Distributed Ledger

Securing the Lower Layer

By enabling identification, trust, and authorization to lower layer protocols, Beyond Protocol enables a set of features beyond the TCP/IP layer.

Securing the Devices on the Edge

Protecting the identity of a device which delivers data to your services is critical. Data transmitted by an impostor device which is false or corrupted might cause irreparable harm to dependent services. Beyond Protocol provides developers and manufactures a protocol to enhance their chips and microcontrollers' security with a simple and cost efficient solution.

Beyond Protocol SDK

Join us to get access to the Beyond Protocol software development kit and the Beyond Protocol Testnet.



Beyond Protocol SDK

The go SDK is available for Beyond Protocol Testnet members.



Beyond Protocol SDK

The C SDK is available for Beyond Protocol Testnet members.


Autonomous Hardware Wallet

The Beyond Protocol Wallet enables autonomous blockchain transactions for the next generation of mobility solutions and beyond.


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